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DPE-Automotive Limited - has a Vast array of Machinery Available.

The following list available below is just a small snaps shot of our inventory. If you cannot see what you want just call and ask us. We see Equipment as a means of providing the Solutions your looking for.

Do remember if the capacity you require is not here - it does not mean we can't do it - its just that we have so much to list it all would take a while!



DPE- Automotive Limited is continually looking for smarter ways of doing business

At DPE-Automotive Limited we pride ourselves in customer relations. We have the Solutions and Engineering knowledge and experience needed to produce either a single prototype or full production run..

Rates and Enquiries

How much do you cost?
That's what is on the minds of most customers. why not just ask us and see how much we could help you ? Contacts

Lead in times?
Some companies do not look at what's important to you! At DPE-Automotive you are the customer if you have concerns we aim to be honest open and up-front. Contacts

All you need to do is call, email or fax your enquiry - then let our team get to work and give you your tailor made solution. Right first time - every time. Contacts

Real Solutions for DPE-Automotive customers.
Here at DPE-Automotive nothing is ever too small to be deemed unimportant, sometimes a process just needs a fresh pair of eyes.

The results can be quite an eye opener, DPE-Automotive could both speed up your throughput, cut down your wastage and increase your profit margins.

These are all so critical in the competitive world of modern business. Contacts

Featured Equipment

DPE-Automotive Limited believe that investment generates rewards - so that is what we do Invest !

Factory Expansion.
New equipment is being installed continuously throughout 2010 thus giving increased capacity / flexibility. DPE-Automotive has secured planning permission for a 3000 square meter extension.See More

Above is the DPE-Automotive installed and commissioned the Motoman XRC with RM2 Manipulation Capabilities - Installed at our Aycliffe Plant.

Featured Solution

We believe in Real Solutions for DPE-Automotive customers

Oil Pan Production Costs.

Our customer required the traditional manufacturing costs to be reduced in order to remain competitive.

DPE-Automotive investigated all opportunities and determined that it was the number of tool stages required that was driving up the cost. DPE-Automotive proceeded to develop a progression tool for the oil pan and were able to achieve complete success.

The overall number of operations required was reduced from 10 to 4 thus resulting in an overall manufacturing process cost saving of over 40% !

Solutions Suppliers

Only Market Leaders for DPE
The equipment we use is sourced from the Market Leaders in each Discipline...

Quality Demands Standards
Our market accreditations demand the best. Don't you? We Do!

The very best in welding and automation.

Leading the way in pressing technology.

Specialist Edge

Sometimes being Special is Good
DPE-Automotive limited can make that special difference, some of the things that gives us value are as follows.

1. Our workforce - people are our or strength. Its often forgotten that its people that programme machines and its people that can make a good product a great product.

2. Our Plant and Equipment - Its state of the art and we are always investing. Combined with our workforce - we are a winner.

3. The fact we have two successful plants in the North and the Midlands during the worst recession and we are still expanding?